How To Prepare For Winter Flood Risks

How To Prepare For Winter Flood Risks

Winter is the time of celebration as well as fretting. Where winter brings in festivals in most areas of the world there brings challenges to bear the harsh weather conditions including snow, storms, rains and floods. As you stock up on nuts and eatables in winter to avoid going out, similarly you need to prepare your house too to bear the harshness of the weather to avoid calling maintenance again and again in harsh weather. One of the troubles of the winter season which will leave you cold is winter floods and if you are not prepared for it then it will be a hammering from the season. You should know the following 5 which says how to prepare for the winter flood risks – 

  1. The drainage system of your house – Book a professional plumber for your drainage system before winter comes. If you are inspecting your house yourself and found the fault then later you have to call for professional help. So it’s better you call professionals right away who will inspect and fix the full drainage system of your house. Get your rooftop and its drains cleaned, check your building’s downspouts and install new wherever required. Check for loose or cracked drainage pipes all around and get your gutters cleaned. After all, a good and intact drainage system makes the house go in any season whether it is snow, rain or floods. 
  2. Inspect your exterior walls – Proper proofing of the exterior walls is essential to stop the water seepage during floods. Check for gaps and cracks, especially near the basement walls and fill them with waterproof sealants. Also check the condition of the doors or shutters (if any) installed in the basement walls, whether they are intact or need repair.
  3. Installation of pumps and valves – If you are in a high-risk flood area you should go for the installation of extra pumps and valves in your house drainage tracks to save yourself from the perilous flooding days. Installation of sewer backup valves will cease the back flashing of untreated sewage into your house when the town is under flood.  Second, get a sump pump installed in your house which will extract the water locked in your basement effectively.
  4. Keep updated and act accordingly – Keep yourself updated by listening to local news so that you get enough time to plan before the bad weather hits in winter. Like you can make an emergency kit having batteried lights, medicines, umbrellas, floor wipers, ready to eat snacks, water bottles, mosquito repellents, pet food and more as per your needs. Roll your carpets and pack your furniture to a safe place in your house. Few laborious hours can save you from natural disasters like winter floods! 
  5. Special attention to electrical items – Unplug electrical components like extra geysers, iron, heaters etc. Elevate the eclectic appliances wherever possible. Pack your electronic goods in waterproof boxes. Few efforts will save your valuable goods from getting damaged and also will save your lifetime data.

Winter floods can be the consequences of heavy rainfall or sudden snowmelt or storms or ocean tides etc. but they can affect a large area. So if the weather forecast beware you regarding the winter flood then do take up the above necessary steps because if not taken action on time you may end up paying heavy bills for restoring your building.


Prepare yourself well before the disaster and if it is a predicted disaster then don’t delay rather take professional help to sort out your future difficulties. Professional Flood Damage Restoration teams can help you before and even after the flood damage. Plumbers play an important role in keeping the building intact so always keep the professional plumber’s emergency service number in your contact list to call him anytime year around.